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Digital E-Books


We have gathered all our experience, knowledge and love for Digital marketing, in a precious set of books that will become essential for all your online wanderings. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and in the digital world, with these supplies you will be at the top as long as you apply our expert’s advice.

VNG Digital Group in its Corporate Social Responsibility and Entrepreneurship Support Program in Greece, provides its bibliography selectively and at its absolute discretion to selected companies of every type. Free book provision is not applicable to individuals.

SEO The road to success

A valuable guide that will become your best adviser in your effort to get higher positions on search results pages.

A unique book that with simple words will help you design a successful strategy, after fully understanding the criteria and conditions for a website to appear in search engine results.

Social Media Strategy

Conquer the Social Media by following our expert’s advice in this book. The winner’s strategy is only one also in the social networks and we reveal it to you! Follow it!

Social Media Tips

Everyone is using Social Media! But how many users stand out and how many earn money from them? In this unique book you will find all the secrets you need to learn in order to acquire the necessary ingredients for a highly professional and successful presence in all the social networks.

Social Media - The Bible

90 pages – 40 rare articles with information from A to Z about how to make your presence felt in the major social networks. The SOCIAL MEDIA BIBLE is the most complete book ever written for Social Media Marketing and it will become a necessary aid to anyone interested in dealing with Social.

Internet Marketing Strategy

By reading and applying the tips you will find in this great e-book you will soon be able to design your own successful Internet Marketing strategy. Follow step by step the path to success.

Internet Marketing Tips

This simple guide will help you understand digital marketing to such an extent so that you can easily solve problems and situations that seem complex in extremely simple ways and will help you understand better the importance and usefulness of the Digital Marketing tools. An e-book that will become necessary to you.

Business Secrets

The secrets that can make you a better professionist, gathered in an interesting book. Learn everything you need to make the most of Digital Marketing’s dynamics. Learn how to become more efficient by controlling the efficiency and effectiveness of your actions.

Internet Marketing Bible

Internet Marketing A-Z. If you have heard and read a lot about Internet Marketing, this is the ultimate guide. Step by step instructions to be able to make your own “game” with absolutely measurable results. By following these instructions, every new venture will look infinitely easier than before! Try it!