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An online survey or a prize contest was, is and will remain a smart way to promote businesses, products and services on the internet. When this event is realized by the No.1 company in application development, and in the promotion and the organization of researches & contests, then the result is explosive.
Social Media
Public opinion

We tell great online stories that leave a mark in time

When the most successful interactive actions on the internet are signed and stamped by VNG Digital Group, you know in advance the success of your own action.

From the conduction of an online consumer survey that can gather valuable insights for the strategic placement of a brand in the market, to the organization and promotion of an anniversary contest with social media gifts, whatever the goal or goals of the action, VNG Digital Group is committed to its success. We do not create simple online surveys & contests, we create “online stories” that leave a mark in time!

Online actions

We create & promote successful consumer surveys that help brands to record trends & interests. It is a great way for a company to fully understand the consumer’s needs and create personalized products & services based on his responses.
An online gift contest enables a business to reward the audience giving it the chance to win the prize of the contest, while giving the opportunity to interact with the business by giving Likes, Shares, subscriptions to the newsletter, or whatever the business desires.
A public opinion poll or a statistical study show to an organization or business the way to shine in its market. It is no coincidence that global giant companies carry out dozens of polls, surveys and statistical studies on a permanent basis.


We study in detail the market, the competition, the company's needs and the goals of the action, so that we can plot the strategy that is needed to make the result successful.
We design and construct a custom application that can support the needs of the specific action, with a powerful logging mechanism that will gather and group all the requested data and will be able to extract detailed statistics.
Energy is dynamically communicating with all the online promotional ways, supported by our news/informative website and widely spread in the social media.
Besides the high visibility and the increased traffic that it will obtain, the business will have made a major move towards reaching out to consumers, something that will lead to the creation of a trusted relationship. The findings and analytical reports of the action will help the company in its next steps to promote its brand, knowing the most important thing. How does the consumer think and what he really needs.

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