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VNG Digital

Group of Companies

A modern and fast growing group of companies in the field of new technologies with passion, strength, experience, absolute specialization and a dynamic course in Greece and abroad.

Companies of VNG Group


Everything started from here. 

VNG [Virtus-Nexus-Genius] Digital Marketing is the parent company of our Group.

It provides a multitude of high-level services and its projects are characterized by innovation, aesthetics and functionality.



DIGIFIRST is the first company in Greece to have pre-made video of professional quality and high standards, at affordable prices for every kind of business.

With remarkable casting, clever scenarios, and imaginative presentation, any business as small as it may be, can change its image and reach out to its audience with promotional videos that are no longer expensive.

Digifirsts promotional videos adapts easily and fast to each company’s custom needs and adds a new dimension to its presence on the internet and social media.


BBO [Better Branding Objectively] knows how to create objectively beautiful brands.

It is staffed by professionals with many years of experience in the advertising market and provides quality Branding & Design services, Creative Strategy, Media Strategy, Communications Strategy, Media & Public Relations, CSR Strategy, Brand Marketing, Event Planning & Management, Packaging, Outdoor, Print, Radio Spots, TV Spots.

BBO specializes in building strong brands.


DIGIFOX,  our little “fox”.

It is active in the construction of low budget websites and in providing digital marketing services for small and micro businesses.

With speed, consistency and worthwhile results, DIGIFOX gives businesses that have not been able to until now, the chance to develop their activity and gain a remarkable presence on the Internet.


A word that contains 3 others, [CLUB + EAT + BEAT] and these 3, the entire catering market.

CLUBEAT is well aware of the needs of this industry and for the first time in Greece it innovates and provides highly specialized promotional packages with digital marketing services, especially for the needs of catering.

Now, cafe-bar-club-events & restaurants can increase their clientele through the quality programs provided by the company CLUBEAT.


The most “beautiful” of our group companies could not be any other than BEAUTY4EVER! 

For the first time in Greece, the specialized digital marketing for the women’s beauty industry is a fact! Besides, beauty is a woman and she has its own needs.

BEAUTY4EVER opens new, “internet paths” to companies that are active in beauty products and services and enables, through the appropriate strategy, to directly increase their clientele and sales.


If you are an e-shop owner with the ambition to become a leader in your the market, then it’s “all yours!”.”.

ALLYOURS is the first company in Greece that provides the ultimate expertise to promote an e-shop.

Specialized Digital marketing services, -exclusively for online stores- aiming at the rapid growth of the activity and at increased sales.


VICTORY COMMUNICATION, in the last 20 years, highlights the leaders and protagonists of the Greek political scene.

VICTORY provides innovative political marketing, communications and digital image maker services for active or aspiring politicians at all levels of the political hierarchy.

VICTORY provides the highly specialized services that a leader needs.

VNG Group of Companies